Qatar Electricity and Water will hold its Ordinary General Assembly meeting on 14/03/2022 for the year 2021

The Qatar Electricity and Water Company announced the invitation of the General Assembly of the Ordinary General Assembly to convene on 14/03/2022, electronically using Zoom, at 03:30 pm. In the event of a lack of a quorum, the alternative meeting will be held on 21/03/2022, electronically using Zoom, at 03:30 pm.

Agenda for the Ordinary General Assembly
1.    Hearing the report of the Board of Directors on the company’s activity and financial position for the year ending on 12/31/2021 and the future plan and ratifying it.
2.    Hearing the auditors’ report on the company’s budget for the fiscal year 2021 and ratify it.
3.    Discussing and approving the company’s balance sheet and profit and loss account and approving the profit distribution proposal.
4.    Presenting and approving the corporate governance report for the year 2021.
5.    Discharging the members of the Board of Directors from liability for the fiscal year 2021 and approving their remuneration.
6.    Appointing auditors for the fiscal year 2022 and determining their fees.
7.    Approving the share sale and purchase agreement between Ras Laffan Operating Company and Qatar Holding Company to purchase 40% of the capital of Nebras Power Company.