Inma Holding: The AGM and EGM Endorses items on it’s agenda

Inma Holding announces the results of the AGM and EGM. The meeting was held on 01/03/2022 and the following resolution were approved


1                Endorsed The Board of Directors’ report of the company’s activities, and its financial position for the year ended 31st December 2021 and the future business plan.

2                Approved the report of the External Auditors on the company’s balance sheet and financial statements.

3                Discussed and approved the company’s Corporate Governance Report for 2021.

4                Discussed and approved the balance sheet and profit and loss for the year ended 31 December 2021.

5                Approval of the Board of Directors’ recommendation to distribute cash dividends to shareholders at the rate of 5% of the capital, equivalent to 5 dirhams per share.

6                Released the members of Board of Directors from any liability for financial year ending 31st December 2021

7                Electing the members of the Board of Directors for the next three years, by acclamation, Since the number of candidates is six members, and the number of members of the Board according to the statute is six, and the new members are:

Qatar International Islamic Bank represented by Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Al Sulaiti

Qatar Islamic Insurance Group Company, represented by Mr. Rashid Nasser Rashid Saree Al Kaabi

Tareeq Al – Haq Trading & Services Company represented by Mr. Muhammad Tawfiq Shaker Abu Ghosh

Ain Galout Trading & Services Company represented by  Mr. / Mohamed Abdel Moneim Mohamed El Sayed

Mr. Sari’ Nasser Rashid Sari’ Al Kaabi – Independent

Mr. Hamad Abdullah Sharif Al Emadi – Independent

            Appointed Russell Bedford as External Auditor for the financial year 2022 and approved their fees by (QR 53,000).


After the meeting of the Ordinary Assembly, it was announced that the Extraordinary General Assembly had been postponed due to the lack of the required quorum, for next Monday, 7/3/2022


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