Baladna explores investment opportunities in Algeria

A delegation from Baladna Q.P.S.C. visited Algeria to study the possibility of future investment and ways of mutual cooperation between the Baladna and the Algerian government with regards to dairy products, as an initial step to enhance means of cooperation and exchange of information and experience for the development of the dairy industry in the Algeria




About Baladna

Founded in 2014, Baladna has grown from an ambitious entrepreneurial enterprise into Qatar’s largest dairy and beverage producer, supplying over 85% of the country’s fresh milk. Baladna successfully listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange in December 2019, attracting significant support from local Qatari investors. The Company has maintained its consistent and rapid growth to ensure healthy, fresh locally produced dairy products contribute to the self-sufficiency of the State of Qatar. As of September 2022, Baladna’s dairy herd reached 24,167 with an average milk yield of 37.3L per cow per day. The Company currently offers a range of more than 250 products spanning milk, yoghurt, laban, cheese, and non-dairy products including juices and organic fertilizers.



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