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Precautious procedures to face the risk of COVID-19 spread 

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Dear customers,

Reference to above subject, under the current circumstances and changes that all countries are undergoing with the increased risk imposed by COVID-19 spread and precautious steps being taken, Dlala Brokerage will implement below procedures effective 19/03/2020 until further notice, to ensure that business continues as normal while maintaining the safety of all:

·         We currently apologies for being unable to welcome customers physically in our premises, or accept new account opening applications.

·         Trade orders will be accepted as normal through all channels, we encourage our customers to also use the electronic channels through company website and mobile application: https://etrade.dlalabroker.com/clients/index.php?langId=2

·         Customers who wish to update their personal information can follow one of below methods:

-          Electronic update through the following link: https://dlalawebapp.dlalaholding.com/ChangeRequestFormApp

-          Contacting through their registered number customer service department on the following number: 44285444

-          Sending the requirements from their registered email to the following email address: Customer_service@dlalaholding.com

·         All customer payment requests will be fulfilled through transfers; we will currently stop issuing cheques.

*Customer who wish to add Qatari IBAN number can follow customer update steps mentioned above.


We thank you for your understanding and support and we wish safety for all.

For any queries, our customer service team is ready to help you on the following number: 44285444


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